School Home Area Changes

The Department of Education has sent out revised school enrolment intake areas for the school community consultation. This consultation is in response to the recommendation of the School Viability Reference Group Report into school viability and feedback from principals and school communities. The school home-area consultation period concludes on Friday 30 August 2013.
Futher information on this will appear here as it's made available. Your feedback will be very valuable in assisting us to form the community’s response back to the Department. 

( For information on the Enrolment of Students in who are out of the Home Area, view document Here. )

If you would like view these boundaries in detail (with functions to pan and zoom):

Install Google Earth if not already present on your machine, and open the following documents within that program (this may require you to Right Click > "Save Target As" on the following links, and then opening from that saved location...)

The Current Boundaries

​Current Boundaries